Great vacations begin with finding the perfect destination for you.

Do these things frustrate you finding the best destination?

Trying to find trustworth information

Deciding what places fit your needs & desires

Spending so much time researching

Finding best way to get there

Past bad experiences

Unsure where and when you should book the destination

At Changing Your Latitude Travel, we offer you expert information so you can discover your next perfect destination.


We're your friends and friends don't lie. We'll tell you if this vacation doesn't fit your needs.

Save time

So the kids can see you relaxed BEFORE vacation begins.

Stay in Budget

You'll see low to luxury ideas for each destination to avoid surprises. This way only memories last after vacation.

experience Culture

Travel like a local instead of a tourist if that's what you desire. We'll give you tips to avoid the crowds and get the local flavor.

Have questions, suggestions or want more guidance? Please send us a message.

We'll be back in touch shortly on your vacation question. Thank you for trusting to help you.